Policy, Planning & Compliance

Audits and Assessments

ADL has completed assessments and audits against agreed parameters for various organisations.

Examples of our work in this area include;

  • Assessment of mussel farming practices against the New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussel Industry Environmental Code of Practice 
  • Audit of aquaculture assets in the Bay of Plenty – Bay of Plenty Regional Aquaculture Group


We provide aquaculture advice to regional and central government, aquaculture industry members, investors, iwi, and others. 

The combined experience of the ADL’s directors and associates covers all aspects of the aquaculture industry in New Zealand.

Examples of our work in this area include; 

  • An assessment of land-based aquaculture opportunities in New Zealand – Private client
  • Providing advice on the re-commissioning and remodelling of a salmon farm – Private client
  • Providing advice on aquaculture development in East Timor – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Providing advice on a finfish farming tender response, Coromandel – Private client
  • Advised on Interim Aquaculture Management Areas, Golden and Tasman Bays – Te Ohu Kaimoana
  • Provided technical expertise regarding GLM9 quota
  • Provided industry advice to the Marlborough District Council’s ‘Smart Services’ project
  • Reviewed and advised on aquaculture opportunities in New Zealand (numerous examples of this)


ADL regularly consults with iwi in the top of the South Island and the Bay of Plenty. 

This work is often in conjunction with industry members on behalf of various government departments, local authorities and others, in relation to matters concerned with aquaculture.


ADL has assisted with the development of the A+ New Zealand Sustainable Aquaculture Framework (Environmental Codes of Practice) for mussels, oysters and salmon.

ADL established an independent environment committee for large finfish farmers.

Policy Planning Activities

ADL provides input into central and regional government policy and planning activities on behalf of aquaculture industry bodies.

Examples of our work in this area include;

  • Review of New Zealand marine biosecurity policy and legislation and development of recommendations for aquaculture – Aquaculture New Zealand
  • Review of Maritime New Zealand’s proposed qualifications and operational limits framework – Aquaculture New Zealand
  • Review of proposed finfish legislation for the Firth of Thames
  • Review of WWF Aquaculture Dialogue Global Standards for Salmon Farming 
  • Advice on Taiapure application, Te Oneroa a Tohe (Ninety Mile Beach), on behalf of the Marine Farming Association
  • Review of Government/Industry Agreements (GIA) for marine farm biosecurity
  • Review of national valuation methodology , Aquaculture Settlement – MPI
  • Participation in the Marlborough Aquaculture Working Group (MAWG)
  • Participation in the National Environmental Standards (NES) Working Group
  • Participation of the Southland Aquaculture Working Group (SAWG)
  • Participation in the Bay of Plenty Regional Aquaculture Organisation (RAO)

Risk Analysis

ADL provides risk assessment advisor services to international insurance companies throughout New Zealand and Australia for a variety of species including pearl farming, finfish, mussels and oysters.

Examples of our work in this area include;

  • Risk analysis for Tasmanian salmon farms re insurance cover – Client: Global Aquaculture Insurance Consortium
  • Due diligence project, quantifying insurance risk in New Zealand – Sunderland Marine
  • Risk analysis for an Australian pearl farm re insurance cover – JHL Insurance Brokers, Lloyds of London

Bruce Cardwell: Is an Aquaculture Auditor holding Exemplar Global – Management Systems Auditor.

Graeme Coates: Is a Risk Assessment Advisor for AHL, a specialist aquaculture insurance broker working for Lloyds (London)

Strategic Advice

We provide due diligence, prior to the acquisition of various aquaculture related businesses, including reviewing current performance and forecasts, RMA status and identifying future opportunities. 

ADL has also provided assistance on the sale of aquaculture related businesses and preparing Information Memorandum sale documents, including historical performance, RMA status, forecasts and all other material required to ensure the assets achieve an optimal sale price.

Strategic Planning

ADL has developed and implemented strategic plans for the expansion of existing businesses in the aquaculture industry in New Zealand and internationally, either through increasing water space or diversification into other species or other markets, such as nutraceuticals, investment/funding opportunities, or new technologies. 

We have also added value to current aquaculture operations by reviewing value chains, contract arrangements and systems and processes.

Examples of our work in this area include;

  • Development of an Aquaculture/Tourism Strategy, Taupo Region – Private Client
  • Review of the oyster industry in New Zealand, as part of the Oyster Industry Modernisation Project
  • Review of freshwater marine assets. High level assessment of options for future development opportunities – Private client
  • Peer review of an aquaculture business model – Private client
  • Preparation of a business plan to develop an offshore marine farm – Private client
  • Advised on marine farming business models, including productivity data – Private client
  • Provided advice to support the due diligence of the Opotiki Harbour development business case for MPI
  • Development of an aquaculture strategy for an iwi organisation looking to increase its investment in the sector – Private client
  • Developed a business plan for a new technology product exporting worldwide – Private client
  • Regional Aquaculture Strategies (2009, 2013, 2019) for the Bay of Plenty RAO