Aquaculture Direct Limited (ADL) is the largest independent contract manager of marine farms in New Zealand.

From resource consents, marine farm development, monitoring and compliance requirements to the day to day operational management of farms, ADL provides a comprehensive management solution for your investment.

Throughout the last 10 years, ADL has managed the multiparty ownership marine farms in Golden Bay and Tasman Bay.

In the 1990s the Tasman District Council reviewed its Coastal Plan and sought areas in Golden Bay and Tasman Bay which would be acceptable for large scale mussel farms.

A consortium of investors known as the Ring Road Consortium were successful in achieving around 1,000ha of mussel spat catching and mussel farming space.

In the beginning, the Consortium included 25 individual entities (companies, iwi and individuals).

In 2008 the Consortium formed four individual companies which now have between 16-20 individual shareholders, ranging from small to large companies, iwi and individual shareholders.

In 2009 ADL was awarded the contract to manage these companies, which include:

  • Managing the finances, budgets and reporting
  • Organising AGMs, Special General Meetings and Directors’ meetings
  • Arranging farm layouts and space allocations to shareholders, including contracting anchor installation companies and inspecting farming structures
  • Managing regulatory requirements
  • Water quality and environmental science work
  • Navigational marking and safety
  • Site compliance
  • Liaison with the Tasman District Council and Tasman Harbourmaster