Aquaculture Direct Limited (ADL) provides exclusive consultancy services to and in support of the New Zealand aquaculture industry, iwi, Government and local authorities. 

The combined experience of the company’s Directors and Associates covers all aspects of the aquaculture industry in New Zealand. 

The team at ADL has the drive, commitment and marine farming experience to see wealth generated across the sector with benefits flowing back into the New Zealand economy.

Interest in marine farming in the Eastern Bay of Plenty began at the turn of the millennium.

In 2009 the Bay of Plenty Regional Council contracted ADL to prepare an aquaculture strategy for the region which would guide the Council’s coastal policy and planning processes and give confidence to new investors.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Aquaculture Strategy was launched in 2010 with the establishment of the Regional Aquaculture Organisation (RAO).

ADL Business Development Director Graeme Coates was appointed Chairman of the RAO and still holds this position in 2020.

The RAO has grown to become a respected professional organisation which meets bi-monthly. Over the period the RAO has built strong relationships with the Whakatohea Maori Trust Board, Eastern Seafarms Limited, North Island Mussels Limited and the University of Waikato’s Marine Station at Sulphur Point.

The RAO has also presented to the Primary Production Select Committee, commissioned a number of papers on the Opotiki Harbour development, freshwater aquaculture in the Bay of Plenty and the further development of the coastline of the Eastern Bay of Plenty for land based marine hatcheries.

The RAO continues to work on the aquaculture strategy and the development of aquaculture in the region which has a future potential for over 10,000ha of Open Ocean Aquaculture.