It’s Aquaculture Direct’s
10th birthday!

We also have some exciting business announcements to make….

A party was planned for our friends, clients and stakeholders – but, given recent events relating to coronavirus, we’re going to do a virtual launch instead.

What you need to know is all available via our new website, launched today: 
  • We are celebrating 10 years of helping to grow New Zealand’s aquaculture sector. 
  • Graeme has sold his portion of the business, but is still working closely within the business.
  • Our new 50% owners are Envirostrat, led by Dr Nigel Bradly with his multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, economists and investment specialists.
  • Envirostrat bring a new dimension to the business, and Aquaculture Direct is in the process of growing into new regions and markets.
  • Our brand has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • We have recruited Rebecca Clarkson to join our team as a senior associate.

And yes, we promise to have a belated birthday party when the dust settles!