Aquaculture Direct
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Aquaculture Direct provides exclusive consultancy services to and in support of the New Zealand aquaculture industry, Iwi, Government and Local Authorities. The combined experience of the directors and associates covers all aspects of the aquaculture industry in New Zealand. The team at Aquaculture Direct has the drive, commitment and marine farming experience to see wealth generated across the sector with benefits flowing back into the New Zealand economy.

Aquaculture Direct is the largest independent contract manager of marine farms in New Zealand. From resource consents, farm development, monitoring/compliance requirements to the day to day operational management of farms, Aquaculture Direct provides a comprehensive management solution for your investment.

Aquaculture Direct provides a dynamic team of problem-solving pragmatic consultants and a ‘one stop shop’ for the advancement of aquaculture in New Zealand. From strategic planning, securing water space, dealing with consents, site management, processing, through to delivery of exciting products to the market place.

Aquaculture Direct can create opportunities for you to realise the industry vision to achieve a profitable, billion dollar industry by the year 2025.

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